Cultural tourism fair opens in Jinan


The fourth China International Cultural Tourism Fair (CICTF) kicked off on Sept 14 in Jinan, capital of Shandong province.

The fair, which will run till Sept 18, has nine exhibition zones showcasing Shandong handmade crafts, examples of rural vitalization in Shandong, products from around the world, digital culture, and other themes.


The Shandong handmade crafts zone will exhibit handmade crafts featuring cultural and industrial characteristics, such as Jiyang Longge black pottery and the digital version of the masterpiece Autumn Colors on the Queshan and Huashan Mountains from Jinan, Dongchang gourd from Liaocheng, and porcelains made from seashells from Binzhou.

There is also an exhibition zone displaying Chinese handmade crafts such as cultural and creative products of the Chinese Poetry Conference and the national porcelain brand Yong Feng Yuan.


The digital culture exhibition zone features leading companies such as NetEase Fuxi Lab, Huawei Developers, and Inspur, all of which display their applications of digital technology in the cultural industry field.


Another zone showcases cultural and creative products from over 30 countries, including France, Australia, Brazil, and Iran.

Imported goods from Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member countries such as Russian chocolate and vodka, Indian essential oils and incense, Armenian alcoholic beverages, and Nepalese black tea are also being exhibited at the fair.

Meanwhile, the exhibition zone located outside the fourth hall is offering delicacies from 16 cities in Shandong, including Chaoyixing bazirou, a kind of fatty pork fillet, from Jinan, and Dezhou chicken.

Various sub-venues have been set up in various districts and counties in Jinan and related nighttime activities have been scheduled to connect residents and visitors closer to the CICTF.

Featuring advanced digital imaging technology, the Jinan exhibition area is exhibiting the city's high-quality goods, handcrafted products, and cultural tourism empowered rural vitalization to show the city's rich history and innovative modern technology.

In the digital Jinan section, visitors can enter an immersive cultural viewing experience zone created by Newair Group, a leading intelligent exhibition design company in China, to see the master drawing Autumn Colors on the Queshan and Huashan Mountains reconstructed via 4.0 digital twin technology.


An immersive cultural viewing experience zone showcases Autumn Colors on the Queshan and Huashan Mountains via 4.0 digital twin technology at the fourth CICTF.

The creative Jinan section is showcasing handmade wooden crafts like city landmarks and Luban locks that feature mortise and tenon joint structure.

As an example of Shandong handmade crafts empowering rural vitalization, Jiyang Longge black pottery products are also being exhibited at the fair. Nowadays, various workshops, represented by black pottery, have become the eye-catching highlights of the rural cultural tourism experience in Dongjia village, Jiyang.


Jiyang Longge black pottery products are exhibited at the Jinan exhibition area at the fourth CICTF.

There is also a Jinan souvenir area displaying various cultural and creative products sch as silk scarves, teapots, and incense burners featuring Jinan characteristics like the Chaoran Pavilion, and the painting Autumn Colors on the Queshan and Huashan Mountains.

(Li Xiaotong; Hua Shan; Yuan Yuhua; Hou Yawen; Liang Ruixin; Chong Yaqi; Zhang Mengjie; Bao Zhongxin; Xulei)

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