Stories in the City of Springs in the New Era: City of Book Lovers


  Libraries are a microcosm of a city, and those situated on street corners unleash the essence of a city’s soul. Jinan has a fine tradition of reading for the betterment of society and passing down knowledge through generations. With the improvement of the cultural level of its citizens, the cultural demands of the community are also constantly increasing. In 2019, the construction of Quancheng Study was fully launched, and libraries at every doorstep began to appear in the city’s streets and alleys like mushrooms after rain, initially realizing the concept of a “15-minute city reading circle” in Jinan.

  According to Shi Qiang, Director of the Reading Promotion Department of Jinan Library, Quancheng Study adopts a grid-based spatial layout model, which not only integrates the unique landscape features of Jinan, known as the “city of springs,” but also fully considers factors such as the functional radiation range, coverage of population, convenience of transportation, environmental comfort, as well as citizens’ opinions and suggestions, prioritizing populous areas such as major streets, communities, bustling commercial areas, and scenic spots.

  “The Raindrop Square branch in Jinan Innovation Zone was completed in July 2020. It is a Quancheng Study themed around “er’an” culture. Its walls are inscribed with phrases describing the three realms of life from Wang Guowei’s Poetic Remarks in the Human World, inspiring people with dreams,” Shi Qiang explained. 

  From site selection to construction and interior decoration, each Quancheng Study has its own style, integrating the regional characteristics of Jinan with the culture of the study deeply.

Mr. Niu, a Jinan resident, said, “The environment of Quancheng Study is very cozy, and the temperature is just right. I didn’t have time to read before, but now I come here every day after dropping off my child at school. In the past three years, I have read over 100 books.” Quancheng Study allows the general public to enjoy high-quality public cultural services right at their doorstep.

Currently, Quancheng Study has covered all 12 districts and counties of the city, as well as three functional zones, receiving a total of 7.66 million readers and hosting over 4,500 reading promotion activities. Quancheng Study is a series of public cultural spaces with aesthetic value, becoming a corner of literary reading, a cultural convenience station, and a spiritual sanctuary for the people of Jinan, enhancing the sense of satisfaction and happiness for more Jinan residents.

(Hua Shan; Yuan Yuhua; Lou Xinyu; Li Xiaotong; Gong Lili; Hou Yawen; Liu Xiaohan; Hui Sheng; Liang Ruixin; Dou Zhuoran; Kuang Qiongqiong )

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