"Jinan's Charm Revealed": Postcard Exchange Event Held in Suwon, South Korea


On April 10th, the Jinan International Communication Center, in collaboration with Suwon University, successfully organized a special postcard exchange event showcasing Jinan's unique charm. The event featured a diverse array of postcards, capturing the captivating landscapes of Jinan, ranging from photographic scenes to delicately hand-drawn artistic renditions. These postcards delighted the eyes and deeply embodied Jinan's rich cultural heritage and warmth.


Excited students eagerly selected their favorite postcards, intending to send them to friends and family afar. This event not only provided a platform for emotional exchange but also subtly forged a bond between Chinese and Korean cultures, allowing warmth to flow between them.


In this rapidly digitizing era, traditional communication methods like postcards may seem to fade from view. However, modern communication tools cannot replicate the sincere emotions and unique cultural essence they carry. This event aimed to evoke nostalgia for traditional means of communication while promoting deeper cultural integration and mutual understanding between the two countries.


At the event, students exchanged exquisite postcards and shared stories and cultural insights about Jinan, the City of Springs, amid laughter and joy. They expressed appreciation for experiencing Jinan's unique scenery and cultural charm, as well as feeling the profound friendship between the people of China and South Korea.


Themed "Jinan's Charm Revealed," this postcard exchange event served as a bridge of friendship between the youth of both countries. It deepened people’s understanding of the beautiful Jinan and further facilitated cultural exchange and dissemination between China and South Korea. May this warmth from Jinan City transcend borders and touch the hearts of many more people.

(Li Xiaotong; Lou Xinyu; Gong Lili; Hua Shan; Yuan Yuhua; Liu Xiaohan; Hou Yawen; Liang Ruixin; Xu Jiayi; Li Jiayin; Liu Lu; Yang Yang; Chong Yaqi; Yuan Yaning)

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